The production of CHEWING GUM takes place according to two technologies:

1 – Hot Process: Extrusion of Chewing Gum;
2 – Cold Process: Compression of the powder (CPG);

The Cold Process (CPG) allows the production of chewing gum with Nutraceuticals, ordinarily thermolabile substances. The main benefits of the cold process technology are hight active ingredinets load, taste masking, excellent realease of active ingredients, felxibily of shape and weight. SINTAL DIETETICS is one of the first companies to produce CPG with Nutraceutical ingredients in concentrations that allow the Mono / Bi-daily dosing. The CPG products, thanks to the particular technology used by Sintal Dietetics Srl, allow a shelf life of at least 24 months even for particularly unstable products.
The production of CPG takes place in the modern plant of SINTAL DIETETICS Srl in Castelnuovo Vomano – TE

FACILITY – Our Company occupies an area of about 1200 square meters of which 700 square meters of production and experimental department, where we assemble the new formulas and future products. MD’E GUM uses a technology of direct compression at low temperature. This technology allows the production of chewing gums with natural ingredients and Nutraceuticals without losing the unique characteristics of the natural products, such as loss of the title, or the reduction in traditional components (markers). MD’E GUM owns machines that allows us to grind the gum directly (cryogenic mills) and make customized coatings according to the product needs. The production cycle required uniformity of the powders and a constant temperature. Such uniformity is ensured by machines that work in particular technological conditions avoiding condensation and thermal shock. The uniformity of the coating is ensured by machines like cookers at constant temperature and screeners of the size of the tablets. The production process is monitored by constant controls for each step.