MD’E is the first company, part of our holding, founded in 2001, in Castelnuovo Vomano, Central Italy and since then has been engaged with contract manufacturing of dietary supplements. During this period, we spent time in developing production technologies in order to satisfy the market needs expressed by numerous customers and has dedicated particular attention in obtaining more and more innovative products from a purely technological point of view and following the formulation of all legislative changes made by the Italian and European Governments.


PNK Farmaceutici was found in 2008 in Castelnuovo Vomano and has been engaged in the manufacturing of dietary supplements and foods for special medical purposes in solid forms. Nowadays, the world of food supplements is constantly evolving and expanding. A concrete and innovative response by the manufacturing companies provides continuous investments both in the structures (facilities) and instruments related to the production and in the research for new ingredients. PNK Farmaceutici has embraced these goals and constantly invests in new production systems, new dosage forms, and new packaging systems and most importantly in research and development of new ingredients and functional products.


SINTAL DIETETICS is founded in 2009 and is producing more than 30 finished products sold under our own brand divided in 2 lines: VITA VERDE for food supplements for Cardiovascular, Digestive and Osteo health, Men, Women and Children health, Weight loss, Immune system enhancement, Vision, Memory, Energy and DOLCE VITA line developed for production of vitamin candies – hard candies, chocolate candies and gummy candies.


SINTAL LIQUID is founded in 2014 and is specialized in the contract manufacturing of food supplement in liquid forms.

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