Sugar-free chewing gum dragées of 1,7 g
Box containing 1 blister pack with 10 chewing gums

Dietary supplement with Lactoferrin, Rosemary and Lemon essential oils useful in maintaining a good oral care in adults and children above 12 years of age. Lactoferrin represents an important defence factor through its ability to decrease bacterial growth, biofilm development, iron overload, reactive oxygen formation and inflammatory processes. In combination with essential oils, lactoferrin can help keep your teeth fresh, white and clean from bacteria and plaque. Rosemary essential oil shows antimicrobial activity against numerous bacteria, yeasts and fungi and increases skin circulation. lemon essential oil's properties include being stimulating, calming, anti-infection, detoxifying, antiseptic, disinfectant, antifungal, astringent etc. Enhances gum tissue formation.

Reccomended daily intake – It is suggested to take 1 - 3 gums per day.


SUBSTANCESPer Serving (1 chewing gum)
Lactoferrin50 mg
Lemon E.O0.5 mg
Rosemary E.O0.5 mg

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